Kor mortSnow plow driver

I’m a personal snow plower. I plow driveways. I bought one of these and use it more than my plow! got 1 foot last week in ct and worked great

Cindy Herd

We have had our ” bully” for two years and couldnt get along without it..our steep curving 1/4 mile drive is challenging for any plow so we use the bully to trim and clear a path to the road so the plow can tell where to go..with the snow bully we often don’t need to plow..has saved us hundreds of dollars in plowing costs and we will most likely purchase another one before winters end..have shown it to everyone and one of our powers has purchased one for his business! Thank you so much for your help and assistance

Steven PampreenSylvan Glen Reality

I was really extremely excited about the snow bully as a good way to quickly shove the snow out of the parking lot of our Rental Building. As a collegiate heavyweight rower with a stack of medals, supplying wattage to push snow was not a problem. It worked great! I could quickly shove great heaps of snow into piles for the snow blower to clean up. The problem came after a handful of snowstorms when the props holding the blades bent back, rendering the snowbully unusable. I bent them back into place at first, but after another storm, they had snapped off. Now the stress of blowing is on the brackets holding the blade to the cart and those are losing integrity. The snowbully has bent so much that the front wheels no longer touch the ground, just the blade and back wheels. I was really looking forward to getting in a good workout shoving the snow instead of lifting and throwing with a shovel but I think I need a commercial version of the snow bully with beefier parts that can take a beating. I don’t care if it’s heavier, I just don’t want it break apart on me.

Greg HicksRetired

Got our first snow.

Very simply great tool!!!!!

Well worth the cost saves you that much in time.


I got my Snow Bully yesterday and immediately put it to work. It’s s great product – worked fabulously cleaning up all the after Christmas snow we’ve been having. Thanks and good luck to you

Jim and Ann Frazee

Dear Mr. Starner,

We really appreciate the opportunity to tell you in writing how much we love our Snow Bully! As we told you on the phone when we ordered last winter, we had looked for many years at a variety of “green” snow removers. Boy, do we wish the Bully had been around a long time ago!

We’re both over 60 and still didn’t hesitate to tackle our snowy driveway with the Bully. And we didn’t have to worry about what time it was because we don’t wake our neighbors with the noise. And the cart! What a bonus! I use it every Monday to take our recycle bin to the curb, and thanks for suggesting we use it to move firewood (saves our arms!).

I recently retired and didn’t realize until this summer of “full time” gardening how useful the Bully cart would be for me. I use it all the time, moving bags of yard waste, tools, mulch, and even the small tree I brought home from the nursery just two weeks ago!

We appreciate that our Snow Bully is sturdy, very cleanable, compact enough to keep handy in the garage, and a very good value for our dollars. And when someone asks what we’re doing to help the environment, we can brag about our Bully. We are very satisfied customers!

Jessy Sowers

Last fall I was dreading another Michigan winter, as a 22 year old woman without a way to plow my driveway, I was worried I’d never be able to leave my house. A friend showed me the Snow Bully and I knew I needed to one. The first time I used the Snow Bully I was shocked at how easy it was to use. I love the fact that I don’t have to pay any money for gas and can use it in the summer as a cart.

Ryan Greiner

The Snow Bully is the most ingenious and convenient snow machine on the market. I have used it for the past two winters to clear my driveway and city sidewalks and have found it to be incredibly effective at removing the snow. Its efficient, environmentally conscience, and so easy to use that even our 3 year old son can push it! I would strongly recommend checking out the Snow Bully, it makes snow removal FUN!

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