Steven Pampreen

Steven PampreenSylvan Glen Reality

I was really extremely excited about the snow bully as a good way to quickly shove the snow out of the parking lot of our Rental Building. As a collegiate heavyweight rower with a stack of medals, supplying wattage to push snow was not a problem. It worked great! I could quickly shove great heaps of snow into piles for the snow blower to clean up. The problem came after a handful of snowstorms when the props holding the blades bent back, rendering the snowbully unusable. I bent them back into place at first, but after another storm, they had snapped off. Now the stress of blowing is on the brackets holding the blade to the cart and those are losing integrity. The snowbully has bent so much that the front wheels no longer touch the ground, just the blade and back wheels. I was really looking forward to getting in a good workout shoving the snow instead of lifting and throwing with a shovel but I think I need a commercial version of the snow bully with beefier parts that can take a beating. I don’t care if it’s heavier, I just don’t want it break apart on me.