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After a 65 year process, The Snow Bully is finally being introduced to the world. The inventor, Jerry Schichtel, along with his brother, built the first concept out of wood in the mid 1940’s , to make it easier to shovel the paths to the corn crib and barn on the family farm. Jerry, now 74, laughs when telling how he and his brother used to race home from school to see who got to do the plowing because it was fun.


In 2008, Jerry watched his neighbor, and now partner, Paul Starner, struggle with his snow blower. Jerry told Paul that he needed a plow like they built back then, and explained how it was made and how it worked. Paul told Jerry to make a modern and improved prototype and if it worked, that he would manage the company and sell it to the world. Paul and Jerry shook hands and agreed to be partners. Finally, in 2009, Jerry told Paul that he was working on developing the machine. Jerry’s wife Viv said that he had been talking about making one for 40 years and it was about time.

In 2010, after building the third prototype, Jerry felt that it was finally right and told Paul to come over and see not one, but two machines, one larger than the other. Paul was astounded when he saw what Jerry had created, and after a field test, pronounced it a winner. Snow Plow Plus LLC was formed, and eight months later the first machines were coming off the production line. Jerry and Paul were committed to make “The Snow Bully” in Michigan, USA, and after talking to many manufacturers, found Mark Goodman, owner of MDG Welding, in Blissfield, Michigan. The final production engineering was done by Mark, who will also make, warehouse and ship the product. As Jerry says, “It was finally meant to be” and it only required a bit of a kick in the pants and the right people to get it started after decades of delay.

Snow Plow Plus LLC is committed to environmentally friendly snow removal and yard maintenance. 

Snow Plow Plus LLC
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The Green Snow Moving Machine! Burns Calories, Not Gasoline!